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Should I Refinance My Mortgage {Infographic}

Should I Refinance My Mortgage Infograph
Are you interested in a lower monthly mortgage payment? Maybe a refinance could be right for you.American Equity recently released a helpful infographic that could help you decide if a refinance is right for you. While there are a lot of factors involved in your decision, it really comes down to talking to your loan officer about your situation and whether or not it's the righ...
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4 Reasons Paying Off Your Mortgage Faster Isn’t Always the Best Move

Paid mortgage
You’ve likely heard about the debt-free philosophy espoused by financial gurus such as Dave Ramsey. The idea of gaining financial freedom by paying off all your debts as quickly as possible — even a mortgage with a low, fixed rate — may be appealing, but it’s not always a wise strategy, some financial experts say.With rates still hovering near historic lows, mortgages are considered “cheap” de...
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Does It Really Help To Round Up Your Mortgage?

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Recently, I’ve had clients ask me about how to prepay on their mortgage. Of course, if you have an extra $100 per month, you may just want to add that to your monthly payment.But there’s another way…by rounding up your mortgage payment.So, let’s say that your mortgage payment is $957. Consider paying $1000 (or $43 more per month).Here’s the dealio. You probably won’t notice the diffe...
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