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What You Need To Know About Appraisals

If you are buying a home and need a mortgage, the lender will require a property appraisal — comparing the sales price you have negotiated to other comparable homes that have sold in the area.If you are thinking of buying a new home or refinancing your home, you will also need an appraisal.Here are some things you need to know: Who Pays For the Appraisal? If the buyer of your home needs ...
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How To Make Your Home Appraise Higher

What Can You Do To Make Your Home Appraise Higher?If you are considering refinancing your current mortgage, the mortgage company usually (but not always) requires an appraisal. Here are some tips on how you can help your house appraise higher and show the true value of your home. Clean up the yard Appraisers are required to take pictures of the home. If you have stuff laying around the yar...
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The Best Indoor Plants For Your Home

Purple Moth Orchids
Looking for a way to spruce up your home for the Spring season? Try adding these low maintenance house plants to your home for that added burst of life you're looking for? Article and video are via Southern Living.Best 7 Indoor PlantsThe bright blossoms of spring and the lush greens of summer don't need to stay in the garden outside – we think that the rich reds, whites, purples, blues...
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Must Have Tools For Your Home Emergency Kit

Are you prepared for an emergency image?
Is it just me — or do you see an increase in weather-related emergencies? Or forest fires? Or floods?Well, in addition to a first-aid kit, three days’ worth of bottled water, non-perishable food and a list of important phone numbers, consider putting together a home emergency kit.Start out with a waterproof plastic tub and store it in a place where you can gain easy access. Then add the fo...
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Five Things That Could Decrease The Value of Your Home

Beautiful Blue House
If you are thinking of selling your home somewhere down the road, there are a couple of things that the experts suggest that you NOT do because it could actually decrease the value of your home and make it less appealing to potential home buyers.I wanted to share some of them with you. Bold Paint Colors: When buyers view your home, bold colors may stick out like a sore thumb and...
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What a Good Listing Agent Will Do for You When You Decide to Sell Your Home

Business Meeting
We wanted to let you know that since we’ve been in the mortgage business, we have worked with many real estate agents and observed how they conduct their business.There are no bad agents — but some are better than others.Our office often gets questions from people thinking of listing their home for sale, asking what they should look for in a good listing agent when it comes time to put...
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Fall Home Maintenance Tips

The tips I’m about to share with you are basically for any time of the year—but here are some of the things you can do that will save you money in the long run.Caulk exterior joints around your windows and doors. Sealing gaps where the wind and cold can seep in could add hundreds of dollars to your heating bills. Have your furnace inspected and cleaned. Annual maintenance is a lot cheaper...
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Emotional Triggers to Avoid When It Comes Time To Sell Your Home

Computer editing a photo on a desk
You decide it’s about time that you sell your current home.You raised your family there. You remember the friends, the parties, the conversations, the memories. The truth is that when it comes to selling your home, it’s a financial decision AND an emotional one, too.However, when it comes to cashing in on your most valuable asset, there are emotional pitfalls that you may want to avoid. ...
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Why Landscaping Adds Value To Your Home

Garden Landscaping
I recently read an article by an appraiser—with the bottom line being “a good landscape can add value to your home, and if you are planning on selling it can reduce the number of days the home is on the market.”It’s called “curb appeal” and it’s the way your home makes a “first impression.” While landscaping usually refers to trees, shrubs and flowers, it also includes yard decorations, fire p...
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Is it Time to Build a Home? Questions to Ask Yourself!

There comes a time in your life when you might ask yourself, “Is it time to build a new home?” It can be a tough decision. Your current home may be “good enough.” Or you look around and there are some things that you would change to make it more livable for you and your family.Building a home is much more time-consuming than buying an existing home. You’d need to have meetings with the builder...
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