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Construction & Renovation Loans

construction loans

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Construction Loans

Can’t find a home that suits you? Why not build it?!

From start to finish, our construction lending department makes it simple and easy. Close on your loan and your permanent financing in one simple step. Our One Time Close eliminates closing once on the construction loan and then on the permanent loan and will save you thousands in closing costs alone.  Construction loans up to 90%, higher than most lenders will allow.

Renovation Loans

Already love your home? Maybe all you need is a little change.

The Koehn Mortgage Group has various programs to help with your home renovations.  If you’re looking more for a fixer-upper type to purchase and renovate, we also have programs for that as well such as 203k and HomeStyle Renovation Loans. Renovation loans are the best of both construction and purchase loans as we help you buy a new home and improve it to make it your own. 

Save yourself the time of looking for the perfect house when you can build it yourself with our loan programs. Don’t wait any longer, to get more information on how to start building your home, apply or call one of our mortgage loan consultants and let us help you plan the house of your dreams!