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Back To School Tips From The Teachers

Home financing, back to school, waco home financing, home financing waco, mortgage lenders wacoWith the school year starting back up again, it’s important to make sure that your child goes back to school on the right foot.

Here are some powerful back to school tips from Mrs. Evelyn Cheek works at Powell Center for Play and Ingenuity Magnet Elementary School. A teacher of 4th grade for 31 years, Cheek has these three tips to help parents ease into the new school year.

Her first piece of advice for parents is to make sure their kids are prepared:

“Make sure that they have all their materials ready for learning,” she said. “Make sure that they have had a good night’s rest at night.”

While age certainly plays a role in how much sleep a child should get, Cheek says 8:30 p.m. is a good target for elementary school.

According to Cheek, parents should also make sure they ask their child’s teacher these important questions:

What is the homework policy?
How much homework do they have?
What are your morning procedures?
What routines do you have throughout the day?
What is their schedule like?
The third and perhaps most important piece of advice for parents comes from Powell’s principal.

“Just be here and be present as a parent,”

he said. “We really need parents to be collaborative with us to help for the success of their child.”

Finally, teachers have some great advice for after the first day of school.


While it may seem normal to ask your child “What did you learn?” and “How was school?” these facilitate an easy one-word response like “okay.”

Instead, start by asking, “What did you do that was fun in school today?” or “Did someone make you laugh today?” Questions like this are more likely to help your child think over their day and engage in a more in-depth conversation with you.


Hopefully, you were able to find these tips useful. However, if your child is old enough, you may want to take a look at our article on how to properly teach them about credit and the proper ways to manage it.

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