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How To Make Your Home Appraise Higher

What Can You Do To Make Your Home Appraise Higher?
Appraise higher
If you are considering refinancing your current mortgage, the mortgage company usually (but not always) requires an appraisal. Here are some tips on how you can help your house appraise higher and show the true value of your home.

  1. Clean up the yard

    Appraisers are required to take pictures of the home. If you have stuff laying around the yard or several cars in the driveway, move them before the appraiser arrives.

  1. Clean the house

    They also take pictures of the rooms in your home.  Store stuff in closets.  Under the bed.  In the garage.  That may help you get a higher value.

  1. Make repairs

    Maybe there is a hole in the drywall.  Or water stains from a plumbing leak.  Be sure to repair those before the appraiser arrives

  1. Lay out a sketch of your home

    If you had a previous appraisal or you built your home, provide those to the appraiser.

  1. Improvements 

    If you made any improvement to the home, let the appraiser know. Providing copies of invoices and a list of updates within the last 5 years or so will also help.

  1. Other home sales in your area

    If you know of any homes (like yours) that have sold within the last 6 months, mention that to the appraiser and ask them to check them out.

  1. Best home feature

    .Tell the appraiser what you like about the home.  Its location and its best “feature” (i.e., open floor plan).

  1. Safety features.

    Does the local government require smoke or carbon monoxide detectors?  Make sure those are installed and functioning correctly.

We hope that this article was helpful, for more appraisal tips, check out our article on preparing your property for an appraisal, or this article explaining the difference between a market analysis and an appraisal. Please contact us if you are considering refinancing your home to lower your payment, to pay off debts or get some cash to buy a car or pay for college.

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