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13 Outdoor Features Homebuyers Want

The National Association of Realtors conducted a survey of the most desirable outdoor features homebuyers want. According to the NAR, curb appeal plays a significant role in tackling any outdoor project. Among REALTORS®, 94 percent have suggested sellers improve their curb appeal before listing a home for sale. When working with a residential seller, 99 percent of NAR members believe curb app...
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Different Credit Score Between Different Credit Reporting Companies?

Good credit scores, different credit scores, imporving credit scores
Credit scores are one of those things that have consumers (and sometimes lenders) scratching their heads and saying, “How did they come up with THAT credit score?”The one you hear about the most are FICO scores (acronym for the Fair Isaac Corporation, the creators of the FICO score). It’s the one that most mortgage lenders use as one of the benchmarks to see if you qualify to refinance or...
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6 Easy Ways To Save Money This Year

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It’s the little things—that can save you a ton of money this year.Here are six of them that I’d like to share with you!Cancel a service Take a look at your monthly credit card and bank statements.  Are you paying a monthly fee for a service that you hardly use?  Or can you find the service somewhere else for free?  For example—paying a monthly fee to Netflix when you can get it fr...
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