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Avoiding Ransomware Attacks!

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Avoiding Ransomware Attacks!What is “ransomware”?It’s a cyber crime where hackers hold your computer files for “ransom” and ask you for money to release the files back to you. When you log on to your computer, a screen will pop up, telling you that you cannot access your files unless you pay them money (they usually ask for a dollar amount to be paid in bitcoins so the money can’t be trace...
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Recycling Facts We’d Like To Share With You

Recycling is one of the easiest ways we can help save the environment. I wanted to share a few facts that made me realize the impact we can all have if we take the time to sort paper, plastic, and glass. PaperBy recycling just 1/10th of newspapers distributed, it would save 25,000 trees per year. The average household throws away 13,000 pieces of paper a year. That include...
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8 Things You Can Do to Spruce Up Your Yard

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Trim trees and bushes: Stand in front of your home and take a good look. Are there any dead tree branches? Dead or scrawny-looking bushes? Can you see your home or it is hidden from view because of the over growth. Now go to your back yard and do the same thing. Get rid of stuff: Is there a ladder next to your home? Paint cans? Tools? Toys everywhere? Sometimes, it’s been there so long yo...
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