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Homeowner’s Insurance: 5 Ways to Saving Big Bucks

Monopoly house
Your homeowner’s insurance policy is probably renewed on an annual basis and you get a copy of the updated policy in the mail.I know that reading an insurance policy is not high on your list of things to do, but here are 5 things to review to ensure that you are not paying too much — or have too little coverage. How much coverage do you really need? Don’t base your coverage on the apprai...
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7 Misconceptions About Your Credit Report

Credit, Myth Vs Facts
There are a lot of misconceptions about what information (about you) becomes part of your credit report.Some of it is “urban legend” — passed on from person to person — but not necessarily true. So here are 7 of them that I’d like to clear up for you. MYTH – Your free credit report includes your credit score. TRUTH – most free credit reports do not include a credit score. You u...
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Get A CLUE! Why Every Homeowner Should Get This Insurance Report

Home insurance and care
When buying a home, the lender checks your credit report and credit score to see how you’ve paid your bills in the past.But did you know that when you buy homeowner’s insurance, insurance companies also run their own credit report (on you)? And in addition, there is a shared database among insurance companies called C.L.U.E. – or Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange – which keeps a 5-year ...
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Why There Is a Shortage of Real Estate Appraisers

Small House with Magnifying glass
Normally this is would be an article that we send out only to realtors to help them understand the mysterious third party that can make or break their deal, but after writing it we realized that this information can be useful for all sides of the transaction. For as long as we've been in the business we've found a reliable bunch of appraisers to work with that will usually get an appraisal to ...
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Thinking About Selling Your Home? Don’t Overprice It!

Appraisal versus Market Value
I recently read an article about why sellers overprice their homes. You may not be thinking of selling your home any time soon, but I thought this was a good reminder that when it comes time for you to sell, the local real estate market usually dictates the price, based on similar types of homes in your area. But, sometimes sellers think that their situation and home is “special” and justify to th...
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