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How to Keep Your Financial New Year’s Resolution!

Ways to save money
You’ve decided to save more money this year. But what happens? You go out, something is on sale for 50% off, you buy it, and there goes your budget!Yes, a majority of people (who make new year resolutions) fail to keep them but Joseph Grenny, co-author of Influencer: The Power to Change Anything said that there are strategies you can implement if you are struggling with making changes in y...
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Missing a W-2? Here’s What You Do

W2 document
You're still waiting for your W-2. You know you're getting a refund and you want to file your return, but it's something you can't do until you receive your annual wage statement.The IRS requires employers to get workers their earnings information by the end of each January. This filing season, however, Jan. 31 falls on Sunday, meaning issuers have until Feb. 1 to mail the earnings stateme...
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Tips on How to Protect against Tax Identity Theft

How to protect yourself Fromm Identify Theft
Wow, I just read where the FTC said that tax identity theft has tripled over the last few years.Identity theft occurs when someone “steals” your personal information (social security number, birth date, name, address, etc.), files a phony tax return and gets your refund. You’ll never know it until YOU file your tax returns and the IRS claims that they already have one on file from you.If y...
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Tweak Your Withholding Taxes: Filing a New W-4 Form with Your Employer

Via 401(k) 2012 on Flickr
Remember filling out a W-4 form when you were first hired? It’s the form that determines how much money your employer withholds from your paycheck to pay federal and state taxes—based upon the number of “allowances” that you claimed.But have you checked to see if it’s still applicable? Consider adjusting your W-4 form if the following applies:You owed the IRS money – you may want to have m...
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New Year, New Home? What To Expect If You Plan To Buy In 2017

Home For Sale
By the incoming president of The National Association of Realtors, Bill Brown.The real estate market is looking better for first-time buyers, so 2017 may be the year that many young buyers finally step off the sidelines and into the market.After slipping for three straight years and hitting a near-30-year low of 32%, the share of sales to first-time homebuyers rose to 35% this year, accord...
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