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Shopping For A Competent Tax Preparer

Coins and Pens
The IRS requires that all tax-preparers must:Register with the Federal Government Pass a competency test Take continuing education courses Obtain a federal Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN)But, even if they are registered and have a PTIN number, it does not necessarily mean that they are competent. In a recent audit, the IRS had found substantial errors — overlooking com...
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The Difference Between An Appraisal & Market Analysis

Appraisal versus Market Value
What is a comparative market analysis?A CMA is an evaluation of recently sold homes that are within the area or location of the home that may be bought or sold. It’s usually performed by a real estate agent who has access to homes listed for sale or homes that have sold through their local MLS (Multiple Listing Service). It is not an appraisal.What is an appraisal?It is an estimate of ...
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Five Technology Scams To Avoid

Christmas Shopping
 Here are 5 ways to protect yourself from computer viruses and hackers…  Don’t click links within emails. Your email may look like an official one from Amazon, but unless you are absolutely sure, don’t click the link. Instead, log into your Amazon account and view the information on their website. Same for your cell phone, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. Never ope...
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Read This Before You Co-sign on a Loan

Man Signing Mortgage Documents
Avoid co-signing on someone else’s loan. A new survey shows that 38% of co-signers lost money because the borrower did not make payments (or make them on time). 28% experienced a decrease in their credit score. And 26% said that their relationship with the borrower disintegrated.In addition, credit bureaus will add the debt (of the co-signed loan) to your credit report and, in some instance...
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