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What You Didn’t Learn in School: Six Tips from the Experts!

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What You Didn’t Learn in School: Six Tips from the Experts!Did you ever wish they had taught courses in personal money management in school? Oh, they probably touched on it in high school. Maybe a little bit in college — that is, if it was a course as part of your major!So, what we did was depend upon family, friends, and bankers and tax preparers to help direct our financial future.Here a...
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4 Reasons Paying Off Your Mortgage Faster Isn’t Always the Best Move

Paid mortgage
You’ve likely heard about the debt-free philosophy espoused by financial gurus such as Dave Ramsey. The idea of gaining financial freedom by paying off all your debts as quickly as possible — even a mortgage with a low, fixed rate — may be appealing, but it’s not always a wise strategy, some financial experts say.With rates still hovering near historic lows, mortgages are considered “cheap” de...
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9 Things to Remove from Your Home Before You List it for Sale!

Thinking of listing your home?In addition to removing excess clutter in closets, drawers, the basement and garage, there are 9 things you should consider getting rid of (or moving to another location) before putting your home on the market. Personal paperwork – This includes bills, invoices, letters from government agencies, taxes, wills, etc. Maybe you currently store them in a file fo...
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Why You Need to Monitor Your Online Identity

How to protect yourself Fromm Identify Theft
A recent survey confirmed that at least 70% of companies said that they have made a decision NOT to hire a job applicant based on something they found on social media sites or Google. On the other side of the coin, a higher percentage of employees are losing their jobs, based on their social media posts.It could be based on comments you’ve made about previous jobs. It could be a picture of...
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What To Do If Your Wallet Goes Missing

Man trying to pick pocket a wallet
Did you know that fake ID’s and stolen identity documents can be purchased on line for as little as $100?If you lose your wallet or purse, you could get lucky and hope an honest soul finds it and returns it to you!Or it may be stolen — with the intention of creating a fake ID to sell on the Internet, or using your credit cards to purchase things—both of which amounts to “identity theft.” ...
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