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Emotional Triggers to Avoid When It Comes Time To Sell Your Home

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You decide it’s about time that you sell your current home.You raised your family there. You remember the friends, the parties, the conversations, the memories. The truth is that when it comes to selling your home, it’s a financial decision AND an emotional one, too.However, when it comes to cashing in on your most valuable asset, there are emotional pitfalls that you may want to avoid. ...
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Why Landscaping Adds Value To Your Home

Garden Landscaping
I recently read an article by an appraiser—with the bottom line being “a good landscape can add value to your home, and if you are planning on selling it can reduce the number of days the home is on the market.”It’s called “curb appeal” and it’s the way your home makes a “first impression.” While landscaping usually refers to trees, shrubs and flowers, it also includes yard decorations, fire p...
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Is it Time to Build a Home? Questions to Ask Yourself!

There comes a time in your life when you might ask yourself, “Is it time to build a new home?” It can be a tough decision. Your current home may be “good enough.” Or you look around and there are some things that you would change to make it more livable for you and your family.Building a home is much more time-consuming than buying an existing home. You’d need to have meetings with the builder...
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Tips on Showing Your Child How To Use Credit Wisely

Young Teen with a Credit Card
In the past, credit card companies rushed to college campuses (even some high schools) to sign up students who had no visible means of ever repaying the credit card. Since they had no income to even make the minimum payments, it’s ruined their credit for many years to come.Ideally, you might want to start the process when your child reaches age 16.Even if you consider co-signing a cred...
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Bulletproof Your Homeowners Insurance Coverage

With the recent string of tornadoes, wildfires, and floods, revisiting your homeowner’s insurance policy and speaking with your agent is now more important than ever.I know a person whose home was damaged in a tornado. After calling to ensure everyone was as well as one can be after a tornado, she called her insurance agent, asking if tornadoes were covered on her policy. “Yes, it’s covere...
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