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Signs You Need Foundation Repair

Our amazing friend, Jim Oursler of Granite Foundation Repair jumped at the opportunity to share his vast knowledge on foundation repair. Hopefully, these tips from him and his team can help you before it’s too late!


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Having a solid foundation is the best thing for your home because it ensures the stability and safety of your house and that it is not compromised in any way. Over time, wear and tear will show and this includes sections of your house such as the foundation. Should there be a foundation issue and it’s not fixed in good time, this small issue is likely to worsen and lead to costly home repairs. Nobody wants to spend a lot of money on expensive home repairs which could have been easily dealt with. Fortunately, when your foundation begins to experience problems, there are some signs that will indicate this and take action. In the event you suspect something is not right, the best thing to do is call a foundation specialist to come and inspect your house.


So, what are the common tell-tale signs of a house with possible foundation problems?


Visible Cracks

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If you notice visible cracks on the floors, molding, walls, or on the foundation itself, chances are high that your foundation has developed a fault that needs to be attended to. Some cracks may be minor and just indicate normal settling, while others could be signs of foundation problems. Thin cracks of less than a quarter of an inch can be easily filled to prevent water absorption. However, if after filling the cracks, others develop or filled cracks open up again, you need to investigate further. Cracks should never be taken lightly because if ignored, they can lead to more serious issues.


Doors and Windows Not Closing Properly


It is normal for doors and windows to not close properly if they were not installed properly. It’s right to get suspicious if doors and windows that were working properly suddenly begin to cause problems. This could be an indication of a deteriorating or shifting foundation. Foundation settling is often the culprit as it interferes with the force of gravity affecting how your doors and windows close. In addition, crooked doors and windows should be examined by a qualified foundation specialist.


Bowing Walls


If your walls were previously straight but have begun to bend or bow, it is an indication of a serious foundation issue. Make sure to also check your basement walls as any bend could indicate a foundation problem caused as a result of soil expansion. Always inspect both your indoor and outdoor walls to see whether they are straight both horizontally and vertically. While bowing could be an indication of a construction issue, you cannot rule out a faulty foundation. If your house has a chimney, take a quick look and see whether it’s leaning to the side.


Uneven or Sloping Floors

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Shifting floors are one of the common signs of foundation faults. You may notice the inside floors of your house are sloping or there are noticeable dips in some areas of the floor. Floorboards may begin to squeak and you can hear rattling sounds when you walk. It is easy to discover an uneven floor. What you can do is to stretch a piece of string across the floor and see whether it is at the same level throughout. If you notice an uneven floor, you should be suspicious as something is definitely not right. Don’t forget to inspect the floors on the exterior part of the house.


Separating Walls


Depending on the design of the house, it’s possible to have wall structures that aren’t directly attached to the foundation of a house. If you notice that your walls that were once properly aligned have shifted, wrinkled or have folded, your foundation could be the culprit. If you have a wallpaper, carefully check to see whether it gets creased or beginning to rip apart.


Patios Pulling Away

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Just as the foundation offers solid support for your house, it plays the same role for your patio. Ordinarily, patios are designed to be part of the house but when you notice your patio has suddenly been pulling away from the house, you need to be concerned as it is likely something isn’t right with your foundation.


Spotting foundation issues and knowing when it’s time to repair shouldn’t be too worrying as these are issues that can easily be observed. The best approach is to always perform regular inspections of your house to see whether everything is alright.

Every room and section of your house is supported by the foundation, so you need to check everywhere and not just certain sections of the house. Fortunately, many foundation problems can be easily dealt with especially if you notice these signs early enough. Always engage the services of an expert and reputable foundation repair specialist to be guaranteed excellent repair workmanship.

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